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Men earn fee fee candid Yanzhao blackmail lover 20000 yuan Kunmi

Impoverished,and anxious to go home have the Spring Festival with money ,he wrote and directed ,in the lover who had the idea .Recently, prepared by some mistress of the festivities fee Zhu Shouchun suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on crime by the Jiangsu province Changzhou city Qishuyan District Procuratorate of public prosecution .
This year in January 14th, in the Qishuyan area to do the individual business Qi a mobile phone received 3 color photo,they are lovers and Zhu Shouchun photo :you better know ,or put these photos to your husband ,posted to your shop ,and your son !Qi were conscious of blackmail ,hurried to call Zhu Shouchun ,Zhu Shouchun to the Qi to call number ,said by him to negotiate .
The morning of January 18th ,Zhu Shouchun told Qi ,he and the blackmailer agreed, give 20000 yuan,send money to the other side of the bank account .Qi think back and forth to oneself or the police .
The police were brought to the police station ,Zhu Qi survey ,found Zhu Mou with extortion SMS mentioned in the agricultural bank card ,and suspects that the alleged extortion is Zhu Shouchun .
After review ,Zhu Shouchun confessed to blackmail Qi a fact .( Qi Jianxuan Li Fangfang ) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today , relationresult&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Sina exclusive articles: the work ( text ,images ,graphics and audio and video) Sina for special use ,without authorization, any media or individual is allowed to reprint in whole or in part .
The police and put the dog is discharged to the police station by Liu Xiaoqing 505dogwas unloaded at the station yard by Liu Xiaoqing volunteers and police dogs from the car down hundreds of dog lovers by Liu Xiaoqing calmly gathered at the police station door by Liu Xiaoqing yesterday, Kunming Wuhua District Public Security Bureau Wangjiaqiao station yard up :156,505dogcage the temporarily detained here, a large dealer dog truck parked on the side, dozens of his Kunming friends from from all sides to feed the water feeding dog .
The dog is because it was reported ,police station on the day before yesterday at about 11 peopleto Kunming Phuket in toll station near interception down .Users love to worry about these dogs are illegal trafficking of transporters ,called police interceptor .
But after a police investigation ,a luck dog car inspection and quarantine formalities complete ,trafficking ,and belongs to the legitimate transportation .Because can the dog that was taken away ,a loving heart personage is contributive 60000 yuan buy all the dogs ,for everyone to adoption .
But friends said :you do everything, in order to appeal to the administrative departments for dog meat market management ,prevent theft ,robbery ,dog vendors take improper means takes profit ,harm consumer is healthy ,evade taxes and regulation .
The night police stopped urgently downward dog car on the evening of 19, Kunming some dog users through SMS in micro-blog and transmits this information: a stray dog rescue volunteers ,enrich the people on the road to Kunming now found a red Guangxi license plate truck ,loaded with the dog ,about half an hour to get to Phuket toll station ,in case of emergency ,please try to participate in tracing the source and the legality of dog trafficking in the activity .
With the delivery of a message ,a lot of friends from the city of Kunming in all directions to Phuket toll station .Later that night at about 11 ,Royal Bridge police station after receiving the report ,based on the information provided in Phuket ,toll station near the car dealer dog intercept vehicles ,will and the car back to the police station investigation .
Love to feed water fed to dogs suffer yesterday morning ,angel home ,top philanthropist Volunteer Center ,million mind wandering ,Louboutin Pas Cher,social love baby dog network more than 40 usershave rushed to the police station to see this group of dog .
Watch dog huddled in the cage ,can not turn ,limitation of activity ,with the dead and injured ,Netizens feel distressed unceasingly .They carried in buckets ,buy bottled water ,near the dog cage ,climbed on the wagon ,to give a dog a water ,also bought a dog like to eat sausage .
Just a poor huddled in the MTL intermediate dog ,netizens couldn them .When the sun comes out, the temperature is more and more high ,dogs are also increasingly bad .The police agreed to the proposal ,decided to put the dog from the car down .
Some cages only with a big dog ,some of which contained six or seven puppy dog cage ,each weight in 100 kilograms,Christian Louboutin Outlet,male friends and police ,police have muck in together .Cage had just landed, female friends quickly give dog dog to feed water .
In handling process, dog dander ,dust flying, smelled, but no mind .Police station also bought the mask and gloves are distributed to everyone .&lt ;doubt and dog is it right? The most stolen dog is dog ,and Samoye ,the huskies ,Alaska pet dogs, some dogs also tied straps ,wearing ornaments ,do not stray dogs .
Wang vertical stroke is master .If it is stolen .The number of dogs are the source of legality expressed doubts .The netizen says: if the dealer dogs can prove that he is the legitimate ,then love dogs ,we better not to stop him ,also only released .
But can produce evidence ,only by the police and the relevant departments for investigation ,because all the need according to the legal procedure .When writing to the reporter ,there have been only 13 dogsdue to dehydration or other causes of death ,and some appeared a runny nose ,tears ,diarrhea and other diseases .
I worried that :the dead dog will be put on the table, harm consumer ?Check procedures complete a legitimate transportation through preliminary investigation by police ,transport vehicle for dogs ,K licensing Jianghuai truck ,the dog is from Sichuan Xichang trafficking come ,via Kunming, to Yulin to Guangxi .
The owner is not with the car .Only two runs long-distance truck drivers .The driver is responsible for the transportation .Although the reporter containment interview ,christian louboutin shoes,but the driver did not reveal the owner .
Subsequently, the Wuhua District Bureau of agriculture and Forestry Department of policies and regulations and inspection department staff came to the police station .Firstly, based on clinical experience to see the dog is sick ,and the dog sources as well as quarantine ,trafficking in the legality examination, but also on the dogs and the police station for disinfection .
After the two departments to work together to identify :the dog is from Xichang Mianning County of Sichuan to pull ,Mianning County Animal Quarantine issued by the certificate of inspection and quarantine formalities complete ,trafficking ,and belongs to the legitimate transportation ,transported to the destination is Guangxi Yulin .
&lt ;Si save dogs should be to regulate the meat market at first ,netizens doubt these dogs is illegal transportation ,anxious to discuss how the placement of this group of dog .The dog dog to remain seized of the bar ,I do not agree, want to adopt ,but police station ,Institute for animal health does not have the authority to approve .
With the dogs are the source for the quarantine certificate and whether such problems of finding out ,police decided to release transport dog car .But the thought of the dogs were brought to Guangxi in Yulin, may have been slaughtered, many dog person shed tears of sorrow .
The netizen says :in the absence of animal welfare law before ,we cannot avoid eating dog behavior .But I hope the supervision departments to strengthen management ,to prevent unscrupulous dog sell illicit trafficking in dogs .
Some netizens said: save a dog person should seriously consider such demands, i.e. we do everything, in order to appeal to the administrative departments in strict accordance with the relevant breeding ,slaughtering ,Christian Louboutin Homme,processing of the regulations governing dog meat market .
Stop dog vendors take theft, snatch ,and picks up the improper means profit ,harm consumer is healthy ,evade taxes and regulation .( Zhou Pingyang Ding Wenhui ) recent advances in dog lovers to buy vehicle dog it dark ,but a dog person enthusiasm is very rising .
The police station to ask them out of the police station ,but they did not drop off ,but in the police station outside the iron accumulating ,roadside parked cars .In the police station, several workers put in the cage one one to move back to the truck ,because of fears that the police release truck ,several owners directly parked in front of the police station .
There are people through the network constantly express their views of the incident and progress .By 8 p.m., Wuhua branch of the police hand comfort guard dog emotions to people ,hand and a million hearts stray dog rescue center charity responsible person Guo Xin a long time to communicate, discuss the solution to the problem ,Guo Xin said he wanted to give money to buy Truck dog .
After consultation ,the owner agreed to 120000 yuan worth ofthese dogs ,60000 yuan to the pricesold to Guo Xin .When money is in place, Guo Xin will hold the stray dog pull to the designated place ,let the dog lovers are voluntary adoption, the remaining dogs by his rescue center in charge .
At the same time ,he also to the presence of people issued the donation initiative ,many people have been lost, given their own love .But some people are not willing to give money to buy a dog ,that to do so would encourage the dog to the effect of transaction ,run counter to one .
Ten twenty ,the reporter is preparing to leave ,there is still a large number of people gathered outside the police dog ,christian louboutin uk,but their mood calm .Expected around 12 p.m., the vehicle can leave the dog Royal Bridge police station ,is a dog person to pick up .
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CITIC CITIC evening bulletin 0524 gold blog most p

, today ,the social security fund in continuous allocation of new funds into the market ,Chinese Academy of social sciences that prices do not drop considerably ,recycled water market in the next five years will reach hundreds of billions of shares of 1000000000 yuaninvestment ,separation of rare earth materials in Zoje shares two hundred million yuan acquisition of mining assets city social security field focusing will also appropriated billions of new funds into the market - Comprehensive fund companies and many other professional investment institutions information ,social security fund to the new portfolio of funds appropriated to ten billion yuan ,and began jiancang .
Future social security fund scale and tens of billions of funds will continue to allocation to the newly established investment portfolio .The first batch of appropriated funds Jiancang period for about a month .
Information playback :Wednesday information had pointed out with emphasis ,the social security fund recently started disbursement of funds into the new establishment of portfolio investment ,ready to start .
Reportedly ,the portfolio has already started for the preparation of funds stock pool ,underestimate the value of ,have good development prospects ,have long-term investment value of blue chip as the main investment direction point of view :social security fund choice this time into the city ,there is no so-called rescues the city ,prop up ,but on the A shares have been at the bottom make the investment decision of regional .
From the current market environment ,christian louboutin,the A shares part of stock price has fully reflected the most pessimistic economic downlink expected .The downturn in the economy and the European debt crisis attack, policy has been clear ,with the future of financial investment and policy relaxed pace is accelerated further ,the economy will achieve a soft landing .
news on CASS: overall prices do not drop much - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 24 released the2012real estate Blue Bookpoints out ,consolidate adjusting control achievement ,curb speculative demand will still be 2012 annual real estateregulation of the central task .
At the same time ,the overall price rise in 2012werenot possible ,the overall decline .In addition ,because the real estate industry whole profit drops ,partial land acquisition cost is higher ,financing cost is larger ,commercial housing backlog of more enterprises will face a loss and debt ,bankruptcy ,bankruptcy risk increase .
May - HSBC PMI continue to decline by export situation deteriorated on May ,HSBC China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index ( PMI ) preview value substantially dropped to 48.7 ,for the seventh consecutive month in and watershed .
Last month manufacturing PMI value is 49.3 ,the previous low was 47.7 last November.Comments: May HSBC PMI initial decline ,further validation of the current macro economic weakness .Chinese economy in the two quarter or worsen ,estimated the state will introduce more stronger economic stimulus policy .
the first lock free information courier ,May 25th regular shares traded ,applicable to SZSE version of Pro stop system .This year ,central finance throws 170000000000 yuan to promoteenergy-saving emission reduction .
Ministry of Commerce : the United States ,on subsidies for renewable energy in violation of WTO rules .In the euro area May manufacturing PMI fell to the lowest level in three years .It is in the transfer negotiations to purchase a $2000000000 stake inAlibaba group .
In a Thursday fuel oil futures contracts are zero turnover .Guangdong Foshan ,a large condiment company in connection with carcinogenic industrial water system of soy sauce ,Haitian sauce clarification is irrelevant .
Yibin ,Sichuan new airport named Wuliangye Kweichow Moutai airport ;airport year will start . produced by the observation of recycled water market in the next five years will reach 100 billion yuan- according to the Ministry of environmental protection plan ,to 2015 our country reclaimed water utilization rate to increase to 15% ,during the 12th five-year plan to invest in water recycle and clean production and capital is expected to exceed 20000000000 Yuan,the country also plans to launch a series of reclaimed water tax relief policy .
There are industry estimates ,China recycled water will become industry of environmental protection plate and an a new force suddenly rises. Field ,market scale of up to 100000000000 yuan.Comments: origin water will most benefit directly recycled water planning ;environmental monitoring equipment purchase bring hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment requirements ,environmental protection and Tianrui apparatus first performance flexibility ;in addition ,Baan Worldbest water, electricity and environmental protection also is expected to benefit from the sewage facilities .
Chemical fertilizer price to decline industry continued boom - policy on chemical fertilizer rises in price chemical fertilizer enterprises after interviews ,fertilizer products price formation mechanism to attention .
Comments: the general thought, urea 2500 yuan / tonis a red line ,in 2400 yuansmall enterprises have no money, big company also is small profit .Even at this stage there is a temporary price controls ,back to the government guidance price the possibility is very small ,so the fertilizer listing Corporation is still expected to enjoy a period of prosperity .
PV look forward to start inside need the market - was recently a series of favorable policies ,especially the 23conference of the State Council toencourage solar products to enter the family influence ,24 sunlightvolt concept stock collective strength ,many stocks closed limit .
Comment: Recently ,Europe ,the United States of America double anti subsidy cuts let PV demand markets continued to deteriorate ,the industry calls for the domestic market started to accelerate the voice rises again .
From a policy perspective ,to encourage the distributed independent photovoltaic system has gradually become the main tone, it will also be detonated inside need the market breakthrough .Air conditioning energy subsidy per table top or amounts to 1000 yuan - it is reported ,the detailed rules for the implementation of energy-saving air conditioning promotion determined the scope of subsidies ,may include a constant speed air conditioner inverter air conditioner energy efficiency products and one or two products, each ultra-high energy efficiency of air-conditioning subsidies may be close to 1000 yuan .
Comments: if the inverter air conditioner energy-saving policy to enter ,Gree ,the United States and other main inverter air conditioner manufacturers with a larger boost performance . index futures market perspective three premium substantially narrow - although the Thursday .
Three premium pattern has not changed ,christian louboutin shoes,but the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 indexplummeted and now refers to a smaller decline ,so a discount greatly reduced, changes nearly two premium amplified posture .
From the gold by the position data, the main contract yesterday IF1206 straddleboth Zengcang ,wherein multiple greater efforts .Before twenty the Bulls holdings of 927to 33495 hand in hand,the top twenty holdings of the 491 to 38810short.
Comments: premium narrowed ,bull from the small force as well as the active Zengcang ,have revealed a certain degree of optimism, may indicate that the short-term adjustment space is limited ,or even do not rule out the possibility of a rebound .
Policy created structural opportunities - Thursday in HSBC PMI initial value to continue downward ,the European stock market drops sharply under the influence of factors such as bad weak shock, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index both overcast, and below 5 day moving average .
However ,by the State Council standing committee meeting launched a major project ,accelerate the project progress information equipment ,mechanical equipment and information services section rising trend, building materials sector also remarkable resilience .
Comments: the management has started to hedge the economy down ,despite the short-term stock index is still difficult to get rid of the pattern of shocks ,but the policy will bring opportunities for structural .
Large amounts of money to buy at Dalian Dalian third - Thursday trading volume, a net inflow of capital amount into A shares before five ,as high as 42100000 yuan .Publicly traded information display ,christian louboutin pas cher,the trading of stocks of five seats bought a net 12270000 yuan .
To sell five seats together sold amount is 13140000 yuan ,among them amount sold the most is the GF Securities in Shenyang road construction business department ,but also has 2990000 yuan only ,and another 2 bodies were accumulatedto sell 2470000 yuan.
Buy five seats are for seats in the business department, has bought 25410000 yuan, accounting for 14% of total turnover;wherein the buying is the largest Galaxy Securities Business Department of Shaoxing ,the independent buying 7510000 yuan .
the company of Dingli shares 1000000000 investment in NewMaterial Industrial Park - Dingli shares ( 600614)plans a total investment of 1000000000 yuanin the construction of Guangxi Cenxi new material industrial park ,the project content for the year 3000 tonsof high-performance of neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic material production ,1000 tons ofrare earth metal oxide production ,5000 tons ofneodymium iron boron waste comprehensive treatment technology transformation .
The local government will give the company a certain preferential policies ,the company will also expand downstream of rare earth products industry ,improve the industrial chain .In Zoje shares (002021 )to 200000000 yuan to buy100% stake in the miningJubilee Inner Mongolia Lido ,completed with the main business to form complementary ,and further enhance the company ability to resist risks .
Million shares of Royal Bank ( 002177)115000000 yuan successfulChinese postal financial equipment tender in 2011,accounting for the company .? Ultrapower( 300002)intended to include directors ,249incentive object,awarded a total of 13000000 options,Christian Louboutin Homme,including stock option exercise price of 18.
3 yuan / share ,higher than the current price of 17.50 yuan .Shanghai Jia Hao ( 300008)signed a 42260000 yuanon construction contract ,will this year and have a positive impact on performance .
One quarter of the company net profit 15530000 yuan ,an increase of 5.69% .According to the media in question ,branch electric (300035 )said of Liugang sales data is true,Christian Louboutin Sandales, the year listed net profit year-on-year growth of 16.
62% ,and the company is still in the development of new profit space .? Lepu medical( 300003)by the third major shareholders 10000000 shares,representing 1.23% of the total share capital .The second half of last year, the shares held by shareholders of the lifting of the ban since, already accumulative total holdings of more than 50000000 shares .
? LujingHoldings (000502 )announces future three years return to shareholders planning ,promised annual profit-sharing ratio of not less than 10% .In the new century ( 002280)to cancel a month ago by investment horizon Digital Corporation because investment both sides failed to agree on .
Appropriate technology ,(002036 )hemp military briefs ,hemp military towel ,hemp military winter socks three products have been included in this year military equipment production plan ,follow-up orders worth attention .
At present the company hemp fiber has reached an annual output of 2000 tons. trading tips ,Dong Cheng biochemical (002675 ),a company ( 002676),Zhejiang ( 002677May 25th) listing of Meida .
The Yellow Sea machinery in May 25th the purchase ( subscription code 002680),the purchase price of 21.59 yuan ,purchase limit of 10000 shares, issued 24.53 times earnings .The company geotechnical drilling machine .
In May 25th ,FENDA Technology ( purchase purchase code 002681 ),the purchase price of 12.48 yuan ,christian louboutin,purchase limit of 18000 shares, issued 24.47 times earnings .The company multimedia speakers and hairdressing small household electrical appliances .
This broadcast is according to disk real-time commentary hot stock and trader strategy ,analysis and interpretation ,believe to be able to help friends ,in a blog post analysis only belong to my personal point of view ,does not constitute investment advice ,all stock only plays a guiding role ,the key lies in their operation .
If you feel my analysis of well, welcome to the blog page address add to favorites ,for reading .Daily press F5 or Refresh update firm ,9:309:33officiallybroadcast good morning ,Louboutin Pas Cher,flat open after the stock index rise ,today 10 averageposition at 2361 points,the first note here break strength .
These days the market is always to the shrinking of weak finishing ,in the absence of volume with the circumstances need to go ,today strong resistance at 2380 points .The 9:37 index for the two consecutive trading dayin 2350by the support,I say below 2350 points are the positions of the main cost position ,when the index fell below the position will rebound to some extent .
Due to the present volume did not enlarge, so the current operation or to do worse on mainly .9:40 slightly Chonggaoafter the 5 day moving average repressionhave fall after a rise ,2350points have beenbroken up, here pay attention to the support of 2342 points .
It tells the index fell below 2350 points will rebound to some extent ,there should be no exception ,personally think that today drops the space is limited, the bottom rebound is the main theme .
9:42 has been these daysthat everybody pays close attention to a few of phosphorus chemical industry stocks ,600141Hing Fat Group and600470Liuguo chemicalis a relatively strong performance ,keep track of .
9:53 earlymining areas of collective stock rose ,600614Dingli stockopened trading ,short-term the stock can be of concern in mining areas .9:58 forphosphorus chemical stock ,the day before yesterday I have written about this kind of Stock Blog ,which focus on tips to Hing Fat Group 10:03currentor standings are rare earth ,environmental ,financial reform ,the railway infrastructure ,such as plate and the concept of mining areas ranked the forefront ,is hot on today than in the last two trading days better point .
10:12 railway infrastructurethis two day by the policy support to rise considerably, 600528two bureau of China Railwayhas been trading, market in such a concussion situation, the stock on the operation comply with the policy direction !10:26 000020 Adeep HUAFA trading, stimulation of deep prefix shares rose collective .
The bulk lots shake downward ,supporting 2342,strong support for 2330 points.The 10:34 futures trading power ,if he cannot stand the average 10 days afternoon ,then continue to maintain the weak trend shake probability are, this is not what we want to see .
But since the market choose to run in such a way ,we have no way, we only have to respect the laws governing the operation of the market .This later may be better, focus on June .This wave of up to 10:48turnedred ,hope to be able to last longer ,do not all of a sudden impotence ,hehe.
.. 10:50cement sharesstart again ,600668peakgroup is currently the leading varieties .Today the market recognized than two trading days before the better, the hot start moving signs ,hope
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Long distance bus over highway 5 dead and 15 injured business ow

Fender bender. Xiamen daily for Wenzhou net news yesterday morning ,a train from Guangzhou back to Wenzhou by bus after Fujian Zhangpu turned down the freeway, carriage became a dark chaos ,christian louboutin uk,a Wenzhou businessman desperate kick shattered windshield glass ,for the stranded passengers to open a way of escape .
The reporter understands ,the Wenzhou businessman named Wang Jianzuo ,was a family of three are in the car .Yesterday morning, he gets up and walks to the bus outside the restroom ,he heard the crash ,that is out of the car accident ,he grasped the iron gauntlets .
Turn over ,I have no problem ,cars have smoke flavor and the cry of the children .Wang Jianzuo said ,christian louboutin,when the 7 year old sonand wife sleep in the lower bunk ,he comforted his wife ,he groped for the exit .
Because of bus multiple hit serious deformation ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,many export and luggage and other debris blocked, has been fumbled bus tail ,he discovered after the windshield has been damaged, so we kick off the windshield ,in greet the man in the car to the rear exit at the same time ,also with his wife and son .
At this time, more than 10 villagersrushed to the rescue .Wang Jianzuo heard the child crying in the car there ,returned to the car . When the car is also many people unable to move, a 60 year-oldwoman who hold a 4 year old child .
Wang Jianzuo said ,when he has the old man and the child rescue ,fire officers and 120 emergency vehiclesrushed to the scene . Then we learn that the car has more than 3 people were killed,and another one was thrown out of the car ,life and death is unknown .
Wang Jianzuo said ,then the injured were taken to hospital for treatment .Is now in the hospital treatment of Ms. Yin ,recalled the scene still have a lingering fear .According to her, the night before last ,and she returned to Wenzhou from Guangzhou by car ,bus central sleeping bunks, passengers for the majority of people in Wenzhou .
The wee hours of the morning ,Ms. Yin from his dreams to wake up ,buses have entered the territory of Fujian .All of a sudden ,sharp turn borrow her car of passenger car ,light to see ,in front of a car parked in the drive .
With a loud bang ,her bus through the fence over high speed ,roll on the side of the road .Then came a cry shouts carriage ,Ms. Yin left also feel a sharp pain . Instinct ,I held tightly to the railing ,tight body guarding berth baffle ,fumbled backwards slowly crept to the rear of the car ,someone called me back ,from the broken windshield glass office out of .
Ms. Yin said .High speed traffic police detachment of Zhangzhou a surname Chen responsible person said ,the accident site in G15 Expressway in Zhangzhoucity Zhangpu County Road ,bus as the Wenzhou license plate ,the nucleus carries 40 people ,carrying 39 people( 2 otherpeople free of charge for children, were 4 and 7 years old).
Yesterday morning at two twenty-five PM, bus travel to the section ,in order to avoid a car accident on the highway before the small passenger car ,broke through the guardrail ,rollover in slope protection under the side ditch ,causing the death of 5 people ,15 people were injured,4 seriously.
The identity of the deceased ,the responsible person, still checking ,wounded personnel in a number of Wenzhou people .It is understood ,after the accident ,my city related units have been sent to Zhangzhou ,to assist in dealing with the aftermath .
The cause of the accident is still under investigation .Reporter Guo Jin to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN026 )yesterday, Wuxi a net worth billions of dollars of business owner ,known as the wedding first wonders .
Because there are more than 400 local party and government organs ,public security ,fire control ,quality inspection ,safety supervision and other departments leaders or staff ,was hung up the dinner guest list ,and press unit table ,placed in the hotel lobby publicity .
Some people think ,big boss home affairs ,the guests there is a part of government officials ,people can not help but have a legend . The list portion of the official said ,they were not invited, but did not attend the wedding .
The wedding is said ,he was to leave the .- Modern Express reporter Wang Xi text / photo reader newspaper stuff boss son get married please more than 400 public officialsour (New ) plum village has a big boss married, please guests ,hundreds of government officials .
Yesterday at 8 am, readers call letters hotline 96060 ,known in the New District of Wuxi city to do business in a surname boss son swing wedding ,more than 80 banquet tables ,invited more than 400 local government party and government leadership and staff ,including the local public security ,fire control ,Pompes Christian Louboutin,quality inspection ,safety supervision and other departments leaders and staff ,these VIP accounted for more than half of the dinner guests at noon .
The reader said ,the boss Chen is from Anhui ,in Wuxi has been doing business for many years, the son wedding invited so many VIP ,it is questionable ,if there is interest ?9 in the morning ,christian louboutin shoes,the reporters came to the New District of Wuxi City Mei Village Xiangmei Kokusai Hotel ,hotel at the entrance to the electronic display screen play subtitles rolling is :congratulations on Chen x x x x ,Zhou Mr.
lady happy marriage !Reporters from the hotel staff understands ,noon dinner standard is 3000 yuanper table .The boss Chen is the hotel boss ,there small Guarantee Corporation ,real estate companies ,on the ground is count as one of the very best in the business .
Reporter visits Rolls-Royce when the wedding car bus simple dinner early 11 noon yesterday,reporters once again came to Xiangmei holiday Le Grand Large Hotel ,main marriage is a Rolls-Royce ,Lamborghini ,Porsche ,Audi car of many 10 expensive sports carteam composed of marriage is very eye-catching .
The car of each car is at least a million, usually in the street rare .To come to the wedding guests Zeze praise .Others see lively local villagers said :this appearance ,Memura had never seen ,estimation in Wuxi city also rare .
Benz ,BMW and so on from time to time arrived at the hotel lobby ,the reporter also saw ,from time to time 9car and bus licence vehicles arriving at .Due to too many cars ,parking staff had to pull up flags at the entrance ,command vehicles parked in the vicinity of .
Discipline inspection department made public officials to private dinner cannot affect the work of the boss says: do business know a lot of friends ,want to be together happy last night nearly 7 points ,the boss Chen enterprise of a responsible person devoted to express .
The responsible person to express reporter said ,my boss home in the wedding date ,think May 2, 2012 is a national holiday,so I invited many guests ,did not think the the small long not including May 2nd ,because it is a working day ,so the noon to guests less than expected ,two for meeting are not full .
The responsible person said ,wedding dinner in the hotel lobby public seating signs ,is composed of a wedding company production planning ,and not the boss .Modern express the reporter was contacted party boss Chen ,for his dinner guest list ,why most government officials of a thing, boss Chen said ,in fact originally arranged more than 80 noonbanquet ,the guests to less than 50 table.
Chen said his boss ,doing business in Wuxi for more than 20 years, met a lot of friends ,this son get married, is everyone happy, don .To this, Wuxi City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant responsible person said ,marriage banquet is private friendship ,if it is the work of the party and government organs staff dinner money, certainly is not allowed .
For the party and government functionaries due to personal reasons for dinner, just not in the working time for dinner, and not as to private party to affect the normal work ,still can understand .
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